Don’t be afraid of yellow guacamole

Last night I had a craving for guacamole. A REALLY bad craving.  It was getting close to midnight.  Although I live in Hell’s Kitchen, a part of the city where you can find virtually anything at an absurd hour, it was damn near impossible to find (good) avocados at a reasonable price.  Bodegas charging $1.50 - $1.99 for 1 Hass, that’s just ridiculous.  I had a craving, not an addiction.  So as we walk up 9th avenue looking for a place with a late-night drink special (which there was also a HUGE defecit of), we find an old Indian man and his fruit stand.  “HE HAS TO HAVE AVOCADOS!” I yell at Aiden as I begin to run over to the stand.  HE DID!  Hass and Bacon avos.  We picked out a couple of Hass, which were feeling unusually ripe, which ultimately didn’t matter since we were going to guac them up that very night.  The vendor in what little English he knew, spoke to us about the Bacon Avocados and how perfect they were.  He really got us worked up and then ends his advert with “My English no good”.  He had us sold, we took a Bacon too.

Lucky for us, since in our desperation to find avocados, we forgot to actually look for GOOD avocados.  2 of the 4 Hass were already browning on the inside, a sign that they were in fact beyond ripe and the other two were so-so.  The Bacon however, was a blessing b/c it was so perfect and it’s enormous size made up for the 2 Hass we lost.

Moral:  Bacon Avocados are worth getting.  You get more avo for your buck.

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